Saturday, November 14, 2009


Our NGO – Youth Fraternity Foundation aims to serve the nation in various ways. You must be aware of the pollution being caused due to the disposal of used flowers and other worship materials in our Holy River Yamuna , and carried by all the rivers of India. Our organization, YFF, has undertaken a project to clean the rivers of INDIA starting with The YAMUNA,which will be starting from Delhi .

PUSHPANJALI PRAWAHA ‘The flow of devotional flowers’ the new method in the year 2010 in Delhi We have planned to install special Kalasha’s (Patra), which will be placed in public places for the immediate disposal of these flowers. These will be subsequently disposed by our volunteers at an appropriate place. This will help tremendously in the reduction of pollution in The YAMUNA. For this cause, our PUSPANJALI PRAWAHA message will be passed door to door in Delhi. A copy of the message is enclosed. Since we are a non-profit organization and do not have any donations or grants from any Govt. or commercial organization, we would appreciate any help in cash or kind.
We hope that you will make your contribution for this noble cause.
With kind regards,

Gopi Dutt

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