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She left the Union Cabinet from October - December 1998 to serve as the first woman Chief Minister of Delhi.

Stop pollution in Yamuna River Delhi BHARAT

Soliciting your co-operation in fulfilling our sacred mission of cleaning the Yamuna River.

A plan to clean and stop pollution in Yamuna within 7 months.


Aim is to serve the nation in various ways. You must be aware of the pollution being caused due to the disposal of used flowers and other worship materials in our Holy River Yamuna , and carried by all the rivers of India. Our organization, YFF, has undertaken a project to clean the rivers of INDIA starting with The YAMUNA, which will be starting from Delhi .

We have devised a 3 Point Programme to help clean YAMUNA RIVER inDELHI.

A) To stop people from throwing the Ceremonial flowers / Poly bags etc inYAMUNA River.

B) All things being currently thrown in YAMUNA to be collected & a recyclingprocess to be initiated.

C) To organize Boys & Girls currently engaged in coin collecting & rag picking and give them employment & education.

II Gopi Dutt want to draw your attention to problem that Delhi has been facing since as long as 10 yrs now. I am talking about the pollution in Yamuna caused by devotional material, Polybags, Flowers etc. Our govt., different NGOs and now Maharaja Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji have put their best efforts to clean up the river.

Sri Sri Maharaja Ji is a spiritual guru he has no desire or want for money or fame. From South Africa to America, Iraq to Kashmir people worship him and follow him. Whole world wants to meet him, seem him and Seek his blessings, still he took over the charge to clean the Yamuna in Delhi from various disposed things. Maharaja Sri did the work with his own hands, he tried cleaning up the river by picking up the disposal on his own. He is the first spiritual guru in the world who left popularity and still tried to clean the Life Line of Delhi – The Yamuna. Do you know why? He did this to awaken Delhi.

But did we WAKE UP?

24/4/10 Maharaja Ji finished up his tasks and camps associated with the river and cleaning up river banks. And on 25/4/10 people of Delhi disposed approx. 3,50,000kgs of used hawan samagri, flowers etc. I have some pictures to show this.

The same way other NGOs, NDTV, the CM of Delhi (Yamuna Mei Jaan Dalo) with various programmes and camps have been trying to clean up the Yamuna but due to lack of a disposal sytempeople still turn to Yamuna for disposing the used materials during pujas into the Yamuna. We need a Disposal System that stops people from throwing these materials in the River. Even though Sri Ravi Shankar Ji tried his best to clean up the river but people still dispose off the samagri and flowers into the river which results that the efforst put in by all the people associated with the cleaning up the River in Vain.

We all have been trying to clean it up for the past 10 yrs but it hasn’t stopped yet. Does anyone have a plan to stop this that here is no further need to clean n re-clean the river? The problem is that we only create awareness that people should not pollute the river but there are no measures taken to stop this pollution.

They talk about Indian Culture which fascinates them, but what are they going to think when they see the flowers used in worshipping God 10 minutes back are in the garbage can or in the river polluting it? What message are we delivering to them? We have to stop this pollution before other nationals start noticing.

I have researched about the whole polluting issues for the past 7 years; have also noticed it in 22 different states. I have found the cause and the Solution of the problem. During my research I have met CM’s of different states and 162 MP’s and have brought their attention to the issue. I have also met the religious heads of different religions and they have all agreed upon the solution I have now. According to the time limits and need of the hour. They have found my solution to be the best possible way as there is no other option that stops pollution in as soon as 7 months after being implemented.

In 2006, I met the President APJ Abdul Kalam and the Vice President B.S. Shekhawat and discussed the whole plan with them. The president initiated the project and promised to keep it running believing that this is the only way to save Yamuna.

I have run the plan in small yet different places to check if what I had researched and concluded can be done practically. Thankfully, it was successful everywhere it was implemented.

Now I want to implement the whole plan in the region of Delhi so that we can clean Yamuna and stop it from polluting further in future.

So if you don’t have a plan I have it. I am planning to conduct a 108 days programme called

Delhi ki Ganga – Yamuna Mahotsav

Fresh Air....

Fresh Idea....

Fresh Talent....

Fresh Energy....

I need your support Sir / Madam


Thanking you.

Kind Regards,

Gopi Dutt Akash

President – Youth Fraternity Foundation




As part of the Greenathon initiative, NDTV-Toyota in partnership with Swechha came together to organise a Yamuna cleaning drive at the Kudsia Ghat in New Delhi

Yamuna is one of India's key rivers, but it is dying a fast death as it enters the Capital. The river accounts for more than 70 per cent of Delhi's water supplies. Yet, it is the most polluted in the 22 km stretch in Delhi, between the Wazirabad Barrage and Okhla where 18 major drains enter the river.

The reality today is that Yamuna in Delhi represents a grave environmental crisis, adversely impacting the ecosystem and risking the health and well-being of humans and animals alike.

As part of the Greenathon initiative, NDTV-Toyota in partnership with Swechha came together to organise a Yamuna cleaning drive at the Kudsia Ghat in New Delhi on December 5 to mark the International Volunteer Day and give the Yamuna a new lease of life.

The initiative was an effective way to illustrate to the citizenry their complicity in polluting the river, and ways by which they can reduce its abuse further. Through this drive, we succeeded in bringing the cause of the Yamuna back to the mind map of the citizens and the government of the nation and thereby develop a Green Workforce.

( 5-12-2009 DELHI YAMUNA RIVER )



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