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‘Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna’ 16-3-10 to 24-3-10



Sri Sri Ravi Shankar launches ‘Clean Yamuna’ campaign


New Delhi, March 16 (IANS) Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar announced here Tuesday a seven-month long campaign to clean the Yamuna river and have a clean and green Delhi before the Commonwealth Games.The campaign — ‘My Yamuna, My Dilli’ - was launched by the spiritual guru here at Purana Qila Tuesday evening.
“The responsibility for cleaning up the Yamuna lies with us - the people she nurtures,” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said.
“This movement is a call to remind us what this river has given to generations before us, and to allow her to nourish generations after us. It is a platform for our individual voices that will become a collective echo and an unstoppable force,” the founder of the Art of Living movement told reporters at the launch of the campaign here.
“I know thousands of crores have been spent over the years but the condition of the Yamuna has not improved…Let us go and clean the banks of the Yamuna from tomorrow (Wednesday),” he added.
A recent report by the Central Pollution Control Board’s (CPCB) revealed that the faecal content in the water of the Yamuna is so high that the river resembles a drain.
According to the CPCB’s 10-month-long monitoring of the Yamuna river at Nizamuddin, the water is unfit not just for drinking but even for bathing or washing.
According to stipulated standards, water can be made potable with treatment if faecal coliform is less than 500 per 100 ml. It is fit for bathing if the number is less than 5,000 per 100ml. However, the lowest level of faecal coliform in the Yamuna, measured May 4, 2009, was 4.4 lakh per 100ml — almost 100 times above the level considered safe for bathing.
Originating in the lower Himalayas, the Yamuna is 1,376 km long. The 22-km-long stretch that passes through Delhi is one of the most polluted.
Hundreds of NGOs, organisations and corporates are part of the initiative.


New Delhi, March 23 (IANS) More than 3,000 schoolchildren, college students and volunteers of the Art of Living (AOL) Foundation plunged into cleaning the Yamuna amid scorching heat Tuesday, collecting truckloads of garbage that choke the river and its banks here.The residents of Yamuna Bazaar ghat in north Delhi provided boats and lifeguards to help the volunteers who brought back garbage from the river.
“Besides schoolchildren and college students, locals also participated in the cleaning. We collected five truckloads of garbage from this ghat,” Purshottam Mathur, a project coordinator, told IANS.

India River Cleaning Pictures & Photos

Volunteers of the Art of Living Foundation remove plastic and other waste from the River Yamuna in New Delhi, India, Wednesday, March 24, 2010. Hundreds of volunteers have been picking up garbage along the Yamuna River as part of an eight day long clean up campaign to offset what they say is government inaction that has left the waterway a putrid sewer. (AP Photo/Gurinder Osan)


Friday, February 26, 2010

No dearth of funds for Yamuna cleaning: Jairam

(The Hindu- 25 Feb. 2010)

Smriti Kak Ramachandran

THE HINDU File picture of a rag-picker collecting the garbage on the banks of Yamuna in
New Delhi.

Flush with funds, the Union and State governments now need to pay more attention to river cleaning projects to make them viable, said Union Minister of State for Environment Jairam Ramesh on Wednesday.

The Minister admitted that while there was no dearth of funds for river cleaning projects, more thinking was needed on how to clean the
Ganga and the Yamuna.

Referring to the huge spending made on the Yamuna and the
Ganga cleaning projects, the Minister said: “Money is not the constraint. We need to spend more time thinking of solutions.”

The Minister said
Ganga cleaning has been structured by the setting up of the National Ganga Basin Authority and a sum of Rs.15,000 crore would be spent over the next 10 years on the river under Mission Clean Ganga.

“The Yamuna is different. It is also difficult because in
Delhi the major problem is that of sewage. We have received about Rs.1,200 crore from the Japanese Government so money is not the issue; we need separate drains,” said Mr. Ramesh during an interaction with media persons at the Indian Women’s Press Corps here.

“Unfortunately for a variety of reasons, bodies like the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, which is the cutting edge authority, are responsible (for failing to prevent the sewage flow into the river),” the Minister said referring obliquely to the civic body’s inability to curb river pollution. He said apart from resurrecting the dying rivers, there was a need to ensure minimum environment flow of water. “Even President Pratibha Patil in her speech on Monday made a reference to the task of ensuring both nirmal dhara (clean flow) and aviral dhara (continuous flow) in the rivers. With a number of hydel projects planned on rivers like the Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda, it is becoming difficult to even maintain the minimum flow.”

The Minister pointed out that the pollution in the river was as much a cultural problem. Making a reference to the immersions that are carried out, he said it was regrettable that while people do not observe laws, religious leaders too have not issued a statement prohibiting the practice that is killing the rivers. Recently Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit also admitted that the Yamuna cannot be cleaned before the Commonwealth Games in October this year. In a statement in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, Mr. Ramesh also said that apart from the schemes undertaken by the States, the Centre was implementing the Yamuna Action Plan for reducing pollution in the river with assistance from the Japan International Cooperation Agency in a phased manner. The total expenditure incurred so far under this plan is Rs.908.89 core.


Stop pollution in Yamuna River Delhi BHARAT

Soliciting your co-operation in fulfilling our sacred mission of cleaning the Yamuna River.

A plan to clean and stop pollution in Yamuna within 7 months.


Aim is to serve the nation in various ways. You must be aware of the pollution being caused due to the disposal of used flowers and other worship materials in our Holy River Yamuna , and carried by all the rivers of India. Our organization, YFF, has undertaken a project to clean the rivers of INDIA starting with The YAMUNA, which will be starting from Delhi .

We have devised a 3 Point Programme to help clean YAMUNA RIVER in DELHI.

A) To stop people from throwing the Ceremonial flowers / Poly bags etc in YAMUNA River.

B)All things being currently thrown in YAMUNA to be collected & a recycling process to be initiated.

C) To organize Boys & Girls currently engaged in coin collecting & rag picking and give them employment & education.

II Gopi Dutt want to draw your attention to problem that Delhi has been facing since as long as 10 yrs now. I am talking about the pollution in Yamuna caused by devotional material, Polybags, Flowers etc. Our govt., different NGOs and now Maharaja Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji have put their best efforts to clean up the river.

Sri Sri Maharaja Ji is a spiritual guru he has no desire or want for money or fame. From South Africa to America, Iraq to Kashmir people worship him and follow him. Whole world wants to meet him, seem him and Seek his blessings, still he took over the charge to clean the Yamuna in Delhi from various disposed things. Maharaja Sri did the work with his own hands, he tried cleaning up the river by picking up the disposal on his own. He is the first spiritual guru in the world who left popularity and still tried to clean the Life Line of Delhi – The Yamuna. Do you know why? He did this to awaken Delhi. But did we WAKE UP?

24/4/10 Maharaja Ji finished up his tasks and camps associated with the river and cleaning up river banks. And on 25/4/10 people of Delhi disposed approx. 3,50,000kgs of used hawan samagri, flowers etc. I have some pictures to show this.

The same way other NGOs, NDTV, the CM of Delhi (Yamuna Mei Jaan Dalo) with various programmes and camps have been trying to clean up the Yamuna but due to lack of a disposal sytempeople still turn to Yamuna for disposing the used materials during pujas into the Yamuna. We need a Disposal System that stops people from throwing these materials in the River. Even though Sri Ravi Shankar Ji tried his best to clean up the river but people still dispose off the samagri and flowers into the river which results that the efforst put in by all the people associated with the cleaning up the River in Vain.

We all have been trying to clean it up for the past 10 yrs but it hasn’t stopped yet. Does anyone have a plan to stop this that here is no further need to clean n re-clean the river? The problem is that we only create awareness that people should not pollute the river but there are no measures taken to stop this pollution.

They talk about Indian Culture which fascinates them, but what are they going to think when they see the flowers used in worshipping God 10 minutes back are in the garbage can or in the river polluting it? What message are we delivering to them? We have to stop this pollution before other nationals start noticing.

I have researched about the whole polluting issues for the past 7 years; have also noticed it in 22 different states. I have found the cause and the Solution of the problem. During my research I have met CM’s of different states and 162 MP’s and have brought their attention to the issue. I have also met the religious heads of different religions and they have all agreed upon the solution I have now. According to the time limits and need of the hour. They have found my solution to be the best possible way as there is no other option that stops pollution in as soon as 7 months after being implemented.

In 2006, I met the President APJ Abdul Kalam and the Vice President B.S. Shekhawat and discussed the whole plan with them. The president initiated the project and promised to keep it running believing that this is the only way to save Yamuna.

I have run the plan in small yet different places to check if what I had researched and concluded can be done practically. Thankfully, it was successful everywhere it was implemented.

Now I want to implement the whole plan in the region of Delhi so that we can clean Yamuna and stop it from polluting further in future.

So if you don’t have a plan I have it. I am planning to conduct a 108 days programme called

Delhi ki Ganga – Yamuna Mahotsav

Fresh Air....

Fresh Idea....

Fresh Talent....

Fresh Energy....

I need your support Sir / Madam


Thanking you.

Kind Regards,

Gopi Dutt Akash

President – Youth Fraternity Foundation



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